Here are a selection of series prepared by the Australian Union Conference and by Victorian Adventist Communications.

10+Jesus Talks

We ask pastors to talk about Jesus for 10 minutes - few can stop at that...

A Week of Worship

Our schools set aside a week each year dedicated to spiritual emphasis.  Guest speakers are invited to present and here we share a selection of their presentations

Amazing Discoveries

A sixteen part Bible lecture series presented by Pr Don Fehlberg which uplifts the Lord Jesus as our only Saviour and covers some of the major themes and prophecies of the Bible

Creative Cooking

Presented by Sibilla Johnson, who has a passion for encouraging community awareness of healthy living and vegetarian food

Edge TV

Freedom in Focus

Hosted by Ken Vogel, who chats with InFocus producer, Kent Kingston, about religious freedom issues around the nation and beyond

Family Life

A series of talks related to family life, including ASVAC talks to teachers, which have relevance to all ages

God at work in my life

A collection of stories of how God works in the lives of His followers

Happiness by Design

Most Important Sermon

Hosted by Chester and Robyn Stanley, this series asks ministers if they only had one day left, what sermon would they preach

Smart from the Start

A series of education-based presentations ranging from parenting issues to choosing the right school, dealing with Gen Y and even an episode tackling questions you may be scared to ask!

The Fish Bowl

Thoughts on the Book of Revelation

A series of introductions into this fascinating book.